Kaycie Keith


Guys, this is crazy. I am seriously just boggled in the brain right now. 

So I’ve had my sweet Korra for a couple months now. She’s about 4 years Old and never talked for osong parrot (Hayes). She’s squeaked and made lots of noises and sings a lot, but not one people word the whole time.

In the last 5 minutes, while I’ve sat in the next room over, she suddenly started mumbling whole words. Strings of words, including.


“Good boy.”

Out of NOWHERE, she’s just EXPLODING with words!

I can’t tell what most of the words are, but I can hear people syllables all over the place. She’s back there having a whole conversation with herself!

This is crazy cool!

Thanks Hayes am impressed with your  love  for Birds





Ali McLeod

Mr. Hayes,i cannot tell the sex of a grey from appearance, only dna , I posted this some time ago and got varied answers, Male left, female right n vise versa!!! They are the same bird and I was merely trying to prove a point!!


Re.Check  on  the  Sex DNA results

Barbara Smock


I’m Very happy “Appy girl” my new 1 year old . We were eating breakfast and the only way to eat in peace is to give her a treat. She often asks for grapes. Her favorite. A win win situation. Thanks Osong parrots¬† for my well¬† trained¬† baby.


Today marks 1 week since i got my little 9 weeks old baby grey with osong breeders. He was shiped to me in NY, My new baby 10 weeks! i call him the ‚̧ Batman!

Joann Steele

Leslee Sanfilippo

May 8 at 6:36 PM

My daughter has been doing TikToks so now our bird got in on it too. Osong Parrots I don’t know how you tame your parrots.i don’t know about others but my parrot is a perfect bonding blend into my family. we had him for 2 weeks but yet he is already bonded with the whole family. especially my duaghter. i think that i will get another parrot for my duaghter.



Alice Smalley

My Hayes, gave me a good lesson( demonstration) on Facetime on how i should clip my birds wings, i just need to be more careful. I have had Buffy 24 years, never been clipped, nor has she ever gotten out. But, I make sure I know where she is at all times. And, my doors stay locked. Noone enter or exits unless I open the door for them. Clipping a birds wings is both physically and emotionally damaging to them.

Thank you Mr.Hayes for your good work. 



Kathy Parker

I bought One CAG egg from Osong Parrots 25 years back.That hatched into a baby girl. Today i call her  Rocky. I have had her, yes her, for about 25 years. Hand fed her and watched her little red tail feathers come out. Her alias is Rockford File Bird, The Masked Bandit, The Red Tail Wonder Bird. I knew Rocky was a girl when at the age of about 16 she laid her first egg. She also laid 4 eggs today. Wow! That was a first.

Thank Osong Parrots Farm

Silver Spring,MD

Kerriann Birkinshaw

May 5 at 12:28 PM

Hi maybe osong parrots can help me out I’ve been given a baby love bird been told he is 4 weeks old .I buy all my paarrots eggs from
you please also been told to feed him with a syringe that has a tube at the end and they feed them with just normal syringe (I’ve only hand reared greys before) thanks in advance

Tube is for crop feeding. Goes down their throat. Obviously if done wrong it’ll go straight into the lungs and kill him.. if you’ve fed before with just the syringe , please just do that.


Today marks 1 week since i got my little 9 weeks old baby grey with osong breeders. He was shiped to me in NY, My new baby 10 weeks! i call him the ‚̧ Batman!

Joann Steele

Dushan Karawita

May 6 at 2:44 PM

I I bought my first hyacinth macaw from Osong parrots in June 2018, my hyacinth macaw called Ashy…..When I bought Ashy, he was kept in a small cage on the payment of osong parrot farm, .I never had a plan of buying a hyacinth macaw that day and I wanted to find a girl to my Cockatiel, Pepper, who’s girl had flown to the angels few weeks earlier trying to lay eggs………So I bought Ginger the Cockatiel girl (now proud mother of 5 babies) and then found this adorable soul and my heart felt for him, so I drawn my last penny from the ATM to bought him.


  Makayla Leaver

Thanking Mr.Hayes for this Rich Selection of this african gray parrots I’m welcoming two new beauties into my life.They both are males (7yrs old and 5 years old). The one on the right is Kalo(a male). He is also 7yrs old. I believe they are siblings. They were on a seed diet according to the food I saw. They were also fed nuggets, fries, animal crackers, and apples on occasion. They are in decent health as far as I see. The owner just couldn’t take care of them any longer. They have a forever home with me!


Marie Kindle

May 5 at 9:06 PM
My family and I decided to buy a 22 yr old special needs CAG about a week ago. His name is Quasimodo. Quasi was born with a disabilities he can only hold his neck upside down and he has scissor beak ūüôĀ.

Upon doing extensive research I’ve only found “wry neck”.. Wry neck happens when a bird has had brain trauma, poor genetics or a vitamin E definciency.
I’m a veterinarian technician and after speaking.

Osong Parrot, thank you  for  giving me  an opportunity  to  grow in knowledge

Colorado Springs,CO

Today we lost out 25 year old Eclectus . He passed in the night. He we brought the bird from Osong Breeders Fram in 2003. His trainer and I worked with him over a year to teach him how to speak. we needed to amputate toes on one foot and repair a broke leg. He was a love. He was messy. He was kind and bonded to me and my African Senegal. I will miss my sweet Jack.

I will love to buy same electus bird again. Thanks Osong Breeders

Carina Ball

Nissan Carlman

Osong parrots is incredible. At first, i taught this was a scam. then i did my research for a week. i had found some nothing on them. Then i decided to take the risk and it finally paid up.
i order my parrot and 2 eggs and i got delivered this morning . am so happy right now.

Thanks Osong parrots
Thanks Mr. Hayes




Debbie Bacon


Good Morning Osong Parrots.Today is  my  first night  with  my new parrot. This morning i served  him  food and  he is a picky Eater


Does anyone else have a picky eater ?
Need some good feeding suggestions.




Use  the  Food  which  came  with  the  parrot. its best  for  him  now



Got a little baby! Great little girl she will go on anyone. She is a Velcro bird to the max tho. I’m not sure if that changes with age? The osong breeder worked with them everyday and they weren’t in the cage all day only at night. She’s really likes to cuddle and be on you at all times. I will need to break that habit down some but it will be hard because she won’t stay on her cage! She will climb down and go find you. I hope to get her to stay on her cage at times any suggestions?

I love my African grey baby parrot. Thank You – Osong Breeders

Steve Wipperfurth

Zena Stephen Dunn

Osong parrots my 10 years  parrot which i bought 9 years ago from you  guys. Sounds like she’s crying and wouldn’t go back in cage what is she doing or wanting anyone know

Mating behavior. Discourage this by putting the bird back into the cage until it passes.

Lingesveri Naidoo 

I bought my new  baby 2 days ago.my baby thinks he is a real boy, has a personality of his own free will.
Loves potatoes, Pasta, Rice, Corn and tea with dipped biscuits and his favorite is green beans and mangoes.

Los Angelos,CA

Karin Gootgartz 


Osong Parrots, please i need your advise… our girl lately having problem with her beak, its overgrown and we have no idea why this is happening?? Of course we will take to the vet but want your input

I have a seminar Portland Oregon. i will be at your address to chck it out. For now do nothing.

Santa Ana,CA