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The Double Yellow-headed Amazon Amazona oratrix, is an extremely intelligent, attractive and entertaining parrot. Also known as the Yellow-headed Amazon and Yellow-headed Parrot, this is a prize bird that is particularly handsome with a high aptitude for speaking. While young these mostly green birds have only a yellow forehead and maybe a dappling of yellow across the rest of the head. The completely yellow head of mature birds takes place through molting over a period of about 4 years. The adult is a lively, spectacular colored pet bird.



Buy Double Yellow Headed Amazon Online.

Beautiful Double Yellow Headed Amazon (Amazona oratrix) for sale and is hand fed.  If you are looking for a beautiful, active and talented companion pet bird this could be the one for you!

Also, they is also known as the yellow-headed parrot. Double yellow-headed amazon and is among the most popular companion Amazons. Probably due to its striking coloring and its ability to amass a substantial vocabulary. These birds are especially talented in learning opera. Other types of singing, making them charming companions.

Buy Double Yellow Headed Amazon Online.

However, these 14 to 16 inch active birds are recognizable by the generous amount of yellow over the head. With flecks of yellow extending to the back and neck and yellow feathers on the legs. The shoulders are red and the rest of the body is deep green. The ring around the eye is white and the beak is horn colored. Immature birds are primarily green with a little yellow above the beak and slight red markings on the shoulders. They come into full color at the onset of maturity, at about 3 to 5 years of age.


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  1. Jess ricardo

    OMG!!! Cherry has made me distinct in my neighborhood as a result of her mature behavior.First and foremost I have constantly been stopped by strangers who get so amazed at her beauty that they get to ask where i got her from and i have never wasted a second to tell about your birds.I am sure three of my neighbors will be buying birds from you soon.The other person ordered one and it arrived this morning and everybody in the estate is like do you specialize only in excellent breeding…lol. Thank you so much for this fun you have provided to us.It is creating more of a family reunion and special orientation on the part of our kids.


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