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Buy Congo African Grey Parrots Online

African Grey Parrots for Sale, We breed and supply best health parrots worldwide

Perhaps the best known of the African Parrots is the African Grey Parrot, the acknowledged champion of talking parrots, this native of Africa has known the world over for its intelligence and personality.

Africa is also home to a few species of Poicephalus parrots, including the Brown-Headed, Cape, Jardine’s, Mayer’s, Niam-Niam, Red-Bellied, Ruppell’s, Senegal and Yellow-faced, as well as the Vasa parrot.

African Grey Parrots for Sale
All of our birds come with an extensive health guarantee: We guarantee that the bird you are acquiring is free from any harmful diseases and does not have excessive amounts of any harmful bacteria.

Buy Congo African Grey Parrots Online

Testing expenses are your responsibility; should there be any minor health issues that require treatment, we pay for all medications and all medical treatment at a Veterinarian of our choice.



Buy African Grey Parrots Online

African grey parrot talking are capable of gathering vocabularies of up to 1000 words or more. Using the words that they learn to speak in context. African greys need plenty of toys that challenge their intelligence, like search and puzzle toys.

Buy Congo African Grey Parrots Online

Personality & Behavior

The African gray Parrot could be a howling and extremely smart bird. African gray Parrots need a heavy commitment and square measure nice womb-to-tomb companions.

Anyone United Nations agency has associate African gray or United Nations agency. Has had one can tell you that you simply cannot extremely take into account associate African gray Parrot a pet as a result of the privilege of living with one is actually singular and unforgettable expertise.

Health & Common Conditions

African greys square measure particularly liable to feather selecting. Calcium deficiency, vitamin-A, and vitamin-D deficiency. Respiratory infection. Psittacosis and psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD). African greys require regular, preventative veterinary health check-ups.Your medico ought to perform a physical examination, grooming (nail or feather trimming, as necessary). Laboratory tests, as needed.

During these semi-annual check-ups, health, nutrition. Behavior issues can be identified and addressed. Veterinary check-ups facilitate forestall sickness. Can aid within the maintenance of a lasting, healthy relationship between you and your bird.

9 reviews for Buy Congo African Grey Parrots Online

  1. Tracey & Ben

    We are now the proud owners of a male African grey baby we call “Archer” It took one week for our new little family member to accept us and feel at home, Georgina was right there with us every step of the way offering help, support & advice to make Archer’s transaction.


  2. Perear Mark

    I have been happy with the African baby boy I adopted from D&K Farm back in 2017. I am pleased to tell you that he is still with me and doing fairly well as a senior. I don’t know how many parents send you their feedback but I just wanted you to know how special the African grey has been to me and my family for the past. Thanks Parrot Lovers Farm


  3. Maclins

    Warm greetings from the . We have named our cockatoo Dickens after the writer Charles Dickens. He was so worth the wait! The kids are planning on making him their 4th project this summer. We are using all the tips you gave us and he is doing great. Thank you for going the extra mile with us and taking so much time to make sure we were prepared to be good owners.
    Sincerely, The Maclin’s Family. California

  4. Debra Price Echols

    This is Misty, she is 27yrs old. We brought her after her osong parrots when the started breeding . Feathers coming in a little more everyday.
    However this behavior is completely new…she sounds like a fussing dog. Any ideas?

    Mr.hayes please can you help.

    osong parrots

  5. Adel Jansen

    Hi osong parrots,

    So Ozzy here, makes this weird sound when breathing, especially in the evening when he is calm and sleepy. The video doesn’t show how bad it can get…I will try and get it on another video and post ASAP.

    It is almost like he struggles to breathe, then he “coughs” to make it better, then it starts again


  6. Virginia Andrews

    Hey everyone, just wondering what we can try to stop our Grey ‘meowing’. She is 2 and only started this week. She is very lucky to have a fabulous area of her own in our living room, stimulation, a view to envy and lots of rainbow lorikeets who visit every morning – no cats anywhere near us. We have no idea where it’s come from! When she meows, we pick her up and put her into her cage for 5 mins ‘time out

    thanks osong birds


  7. Fatima Zohra Farooqi

    first time handling a baby gray.. ive had budgies and cockatiels before this.
    Any kind of care tips would be extremely appreciated..
    And also how old do you think this one is? Im told it is 43 days old..
    Im feeding him 3 times a day..
    He is very cuddly with me, is that okay? Or is it better to keep him in his box at all times?


  8. Sallianne Wright

    I’m trying to  introduce new foods to polly as all she had before was seeds, but finding it so hard pellets she just Point blank refuses, as you can see from pics she will eat food that she sees me eating so please could you post in comments your best parrot bread recipes so I can try and get extra vegetables and pellets into her that’s way while trying to swap over diet thank you so much osong parrots


  9. Nissan Carlman

    Nissan Carlman
    Osong parrots is incredible i first i taught this was a scam. then i did my research for a week. i had found some nothing on them. Then i decided to take the risk and it finally paid up.
    i order my parrot and 2 eggs and i got delivered this morning . am so happy right now.
    Thanks Osong parrots
    Thanks Mr. Hayes


      Thank you for your trust in me

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