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Buy Camelot Macaw Online

Hybrid macaws are bred for color. The Camelot Macaw is a second-generation hybrid macaw. One of its parents, the Scarlet Macaw, is a species of naturally occurring macaws while the other, the Catalina Macaw, is also a hybrid macaw. This second-generation hybrid macaw was developed from these crossings. Buy Camelot Macaw Online



Buy Camelot Macaw Online

Camelot Macaw has a lot of Scarlet Macaw in it from its parentage. The Scarlet Macaw, the best known South American parrot.

However, for over 100 years. One of the most popular macaws frequently described as “beautiful and striking”. The Camelot inherits all that beautiful coloring and more! Buy Camelot Macaw Online

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  1. Jude and Cicilia

    Hello! Just checking in. Percy is doing good. He LOVES his big sister. I have emailed you pics of them from this afternoon. I’m still working on a new name… Lots of friends with lots of thoughts :)We are meeting the vet tomorrow for a check up (everything is fine – I’m just getting him set up for vaccination, etc.)We’ve got cage training – he’s taken very well to “bedtime”. We’re struggling a bit with the potty training, but slowly we’ll get it worked out.He’s a hilarious little ham – I am very much enjoying his company

    Ontario Canada

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