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Alexandrine parrots make wonderful pets if they have been hand-fed. They have so many positive attributes such as their size, beauty, and intelligence. Though these graceful parrots look similar to their cousins the Indian Ringneck, they behave quite differently. These birds are usually very charming and subdued. They are known for their talking ability as well as their talking clarity. Some Alexandrines can pick up extensive vocabularies and will not remain quiet once talking has been mastered. Most start talking around eight months, but the average Alexandrine starts to talk after a year. Both males and females are able to talk, although the males seem to pick up larger vocabularies and are much more gifted when it comes to clarity. Most Alexandrines have their own tone when speaking and will not adopt the tone of their owner’s voice like the African Grey.  It should be noted that buying an Alexandrine for its talking ability is not recommended as some will never learn to talk. The best talking Alexandrines are those who have been exposed to humans at a young age, have been properly socialized, and integrated into the owner’s household.



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These parrots are sexually dimorphic, which means the male has a black ring, highlighted w/blue and pink, while the female does not.   The males will start to develop their ring around 18 months and will have the full ring visible by three years.  Alexandrine Parakeets have long tails that can extend a foot or more from their bodies. In fact, their tails are so long that they usually are longer than the body itself. The two largest tail feathers are blue and have a slight yellowish-white at the tip. When the parrot is in full flight, yellow can be seen under the tail and wing feathers. Buy Alexandrine parakeet Online.

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  1. Vanesa Mina

    Hello there, how are things ?

    Just an update Charlie is doing very well he had his final set of shots yesterday and he is growing so fast… he doesn’t miss to many meals…lol. I have attached a couple of pictures for you to have a look

    South Carolina

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