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Osong Parrots Farm

We offer a selection of birds from finches and canaries to budgies and the largest macaws! All of our babies are hand fed and socialized to be the best companions possible.
Our goal is to offer you the finest parrots, parrot products and parrot information on the web. How do we do that – and what makes this site different than the others? First off all, we are a experienced and have a standby staffs willing to answer you all your questions at all times..


We specialise only in the supply of 100% fertile eggs & birds and don’t sell any other pets. We have the highest level of knowledge to share with you. After all these years, we have developed strong relationships with breeders to supply the highest quality Fertile eggs and birds. New babies are arriving all the time! You are welcome to come visit and see our babies! Many of our birds are sold with a ONE YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE!!

Our Passion

Our passion for birds originated through our years of bird breeding, handling, raising exhibition quality budgerigars. Care and diet of your Pet Bird is so important and all our Birds get fresh Fruit and Vegetables daily.

Our Journey

As champion breeders we decided to bring our passion, joy, experience and love of birds into your home by supplying you with the complete package, this is simply our One Stop Shop to you. You simply select the bird.

What we do for you!

We noticed that many people want companionship and being unable to have cats or dogs in their homes, found that birds were the answer or simply dreamed of having their own Pet Bird one day. Osong Parrots is a ……

Complete Package

We provide the bird cage, stand, toys, accessories and seed with your bird, so you and your new companion can get off to the best start possible. Osong Parrots offers a competitive package price with the added value of purchasing….

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